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Schmincke Aqua Drop Cardboard set 5x30ml + Opaque White
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Schmincke Aqua Drop Cardboard set 5x30ml + Opaque White

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Aqua Drop 30ml - 200 Lemon Yellow
Aqua Drop 30ml - 380 Magenta
Aqua Drop 30ml - 480 Cyan Blue
Aqua Drop 30ml - 780 Deep Black
Aqua Drop 30ml - Opaque White

Finest liquid watercolours, Series 24

Liquid, pigment-based, highly lightfast, water-soluble

Ready-to-use water-thinnable watercolour

24 colours in a 30 ml plastic pipette bottle

With a ball to shake up

24 cadmium-free, transparent colours

Also 1 Opaque White + 1 AQUA DROP LINER with brush tip

Highest lightfastness: All colours with 4 or 5 * lightfastness

Ideal for watercolour painting, urban sketching, calligraphy, handlettering, airbrush (from 0,15mm)

The well balanced colour palette with 13 single pigment shades has only one price group. All colours come in practical 30 ml plastic pipette bottles with a ball to shake up the colour.