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Schmincke Acrylic special painting gel - 300ml
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Schmincke Acrylic special painting gel - 300ml

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Kombinerar egenskaperna hos Transparent Soft Gel med förlängd öppentid hos en Retarder

Blandas 1:1

Färgen blir något mer pastös

Blandad med akrylfärg blir den torkade ytan mer lik oljefärg samtidigt som fördelarna med akrylfärg kvarstår.

Special painting gel combines the product features of the transparent soft gel with longer open times of a retarder. The mixture of special painting gel with acrylic colours creates surfaces similar to oil colours but benefiting from the advantages of an acrylic colour.

Schmincke acrylic special painting gel:

ideal for even surfaces + perfect colour transitions

for brilliant gloss and high colour depth

Special painting gel will be mixed in a ration of 1:1 to the acrylic colour. The colour will become a little more pasty with a slightly longer working time and can be worked as usual with common acrylic brushes. Thus perfect colour transitions and colour flows (i.e. sky, clouds and sea) as well as even surfaces can be obtained. Get inspired by the product features of the new special painting gel. Make use of the longer working time, the special brilliance and the new results which you can now obtain with acrylic colours.