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Escoda Aquario Gold serie 1140 Mop - 16
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Escoda Aquario Gold serie 1140 Mop - 16

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Aquario Gold
In partnership with the world-renowned watercolor artist Joseph Zbukvic, Escoda is thrilled to release their new Aquario Gold series!

This new elite brush magnifies the unique characteristics of the traditional Aquario brush with a longer length and an improved tip. True to its name, the Aquario Gold mop brush is the best in retaining liquid affording the artist the ability for large washes without the constant interruption of returning to the palette for more paint or to worry about drying up during the wash. Locked in a pristine gold, triple crimped ferrule, the natural soft squirrel hair undergoes Escoda's signature memory process creating an amazingly sharp point that will snap back to its original shape after every stroke. Together, Escoda and Joseph Zbukvic have designed the ultimate brush!



Length of bristles
40 mm / 1.6 in

Width of bristles
12.3 mm / 0.48 in