Watercolour / Winsor & Newton
Brushes / Da Vinci Casaneo
Paper / Arches Natural White
Oil colour / Mussini
da Vinci Colineo
Synthetic Kolinsky
A mixture of synthetic fibers, very similar to its natural ideal
Handmade in Germany
since the 19th century
Daniel Smith
Extra Fine Watercolors
Large assortment of 15ml tubes and water colour mediums
Extra Fine Watercolor
Made in USA since 1993
Saunders Waterford
Watercolour paper
100% cotton and traditionally mould made at St Cuthberts Mill England
St Cuthberts Mill
making paper since the 1700
Escoda Perla
Amazingly fine point
A highly appreciated watercolor brush among many artists
Handcrafted brushes
since 1933
Sennelier l’Aquarelle
French Water Colours
With honey, Gum Arabic and the best pigments in Extra-fine Artist quality
The ultimate standard of quality
since 1887
Van Gogh Water Colour
10ml tubes in 72 colours
Brilliant, transparent, and intense colours proudly produced in Holland
Dedicated to creative expression
since 1899
The Collection Watercolour
Made for beautiful colours to create remarkable wet-on-wet paintings
Premium Paper Resource
since 1584
Old Holland Oil
Bright. Intense. Powerful.
A unique range of 168 revolutionary oil colours
The Paint of the Old Masters
since 1664
Winsor & Newton
Professional Acrylics
It combines the finest grade pigments with a transparent binder
Artists' Colours
since 1832
Caran d’Ache
Luminance 6901
The most lightfast permanent colour pencil ever designed
Swiss made excellence
since 1924
Golden Fluid
High intensity and flow
Same pigment load as Golden Heavy Body but with a flowing characteristic
Committed to Excellence
since 1980
With a pure white 180 g/m² paper, perfect for your drawings
High-quality stationery
since 1917
Golden QoR
Modern Watercolors
Provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor
Modern Watercolors
from Golden
Académie Fusains
Fine Art Charcoal - The entire range
Fine Art Charcoal
since 1965
Horadam Gouache
Högsta konstnärskvalitet
48 colours, traditionally made with the best, genuine artists’ pigments
Horadam Gouache
Finest artist
Claessens Canvas
Handmade in Belgium
Top-quality artist’s canvas prepared by traditional methods
Artists' canvases
since 1906
Canson “C” à grain
Drawing paper with grain
Suitable for all dry techniques and certain wet techniques
Papiers d‘inspiration
depuis 1557
Arches Aquarelle
A unique water colour paper
This paper is greatly appreciated by watercolourists for its special qualities
Premium art papers
since 1492
Ara Artists Acrylics
250ml bottles
Highest artist quality at affordable price, 97 colours + mediums
By Artists for Artists
since the 1990s
Raphael SoftAqua
Pure squirrel imitation
Softaqua fibre is a technical innovation
Made in France
since 1793
Liquitex Free Style
Ideal for acrylic painting
Made from the highest quality synthetic nylon
Artist Acrylics
since 1955