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Lana Acrylique 360g - block
Lana Dessin 220g - sketching pads
Lana Bristol 250g - sketching pads
Lana Esquisse 96g - skissblock
Lana Aquarelle grain fin 300g - akvarell block limmade
Lana LanaVanguard 200g - block mixed media
Lana LanaVanguard 200g - sheets, mixed media
Lana Calligraphie 250g - kalligrafiblock

Lana LanaVanguard 200g - sheets, mixed media
100% polypropylen

Multifunktionellt paper för alla slags tekniker
Hi-tech papper, 100% polypropylen
Syrafritt, 200g/m2
Extremt slätt och mycket vitt papper
Starkt och formstabilt

Lanavanguard is an innovative medium. With this paper, users can create a wealth of unique and unusual effects with various techniques, including watercolour, acrylic, oil, gouache, ink, pastels, felt pen and lead. The paper´s smooth surface and special composition (100% polypropylene) will help lend all of your creations a fresh and original rendering that is resolutely modern and inconceivable with any other medium.


LanaVanguard sheets 200g - 50x70cm
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