Oil colour / Schmincke Akademie Oil

Fine Artists Oil Colours

48 brilliant colours

Maximum lightfastness (4 + 5 stars only)

Very paste-like and yet supple

Fast and uniform drying time

Primary yellow, primary magenta and primary cyan to mix into pure secondary colours

The 48 colours of AKADEMIE® Oil color ensure brilliant results due to the many single-pigment colours, both directly used from the tube and as mixtures. The balanced and educationally practical range offers opaque and transparent colours and, as a particular feature, four different shades of white for different purposes (for mixing with graded brightening and as underpainting white). Natural sunflower oil ensures optimal drying and a smooth consistency.

Schmincke Akademie Oil Colour - set
Schmincke Akademie Oil Colour - 60ml
Schmincke Akademie Oil Colour - 200ml