Brushes / Da Vinci Chuneo

High-quality synthetic bristles

Chinese Chungking bristle appreciated for centuries, has not only become more and more rare but also more and more expensive during the last decade. After years of development, we are proud to introduce with this new line in round and flat shape a high-quality alternative with synthetic bristles, which are very similar to their natural counterpart. This line convinces by its strong, flexible and nearly indestructible fibre and maintains its shape even after intensive use. Thus it is the perfect tool in oils and acrylics for every kind of thicker colour as well as rough surfaces. Moreover, the synthetic material is considerably easier to clean than natural bristle.

Da Vinci Chuneo - Set
Da Vinci Chuneo series 7129 - Flat
Da Vinci Chuneo series 7729 - Round
Da Vinci series 2429 - Mottler