Pens / Lamy 2000

The Lamy 2000 has been writing design history since 1966. As a timeless classic it is still one of the most modern writing instruments today. Made of fibreglass polycarbonate, exclusive woods or matt stainless steel. The Lamy 2000 is available as a piston fountain pen with partially platinised 14 carat gold nib, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil and multicolour ballpoint pen.

Designer: Gerd A. Müller

The Lamy brand was established in 1952 and even in the first year proved its innovative potential with the introduction of the unprecedented Lamy 27 fountain pen series.

Lamy 2000 - Black
Writing design history since 1966
Lamy 2000 - Wooden
Writing design history since 1966
Lamy - Crystal Ink T53
A series of extremely attractive colour inks
Lamy - Ballpoint Refill M16
Lamy - Rollerball Refill M63
For all LAMY Rollerball pens with a cap
Lamy - Leads