Sketch and Notebooks / Lamy Notebooks

Lamy’s assortment of notebooks is the perfect complement to the brand’s overall product portfolio. The high-quality processing of this impressive notebook series with 90 g/m2 bleedproof paper exhibits its unique and characteristic design combined with excellent features. It is thus an excellent means for those wishing to preserve personal notes in the form of handwriting.

Lamy softcover
The softcover version makes a statement in colour. This Lamy series is produced in six timeless matt colours taken from the LAMY safari collection. These notebooks have an extremely comfortable feel and logically functional features.

Lamy hardcover
The hardcover version features innovative, brushed metal optics and meets the highest standards of design and quality. Its colour-contrasting elements allowthe notebook to enjoy a contemporary yet timeless look.


Lamy Notebooks - Hardcover
Innovative, brushed metal optic
Lamy Notebooks - Softcover
Six timeless matt colours