Acrylic / Liquitex Heavy Body

Acrylic colours, professional level

100 highly pigmentet colours

Exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency

Works well with Impasto application

Retains brush strokes and palette knife marks

Low-odor acrylic resin base

Relatively long open time, very low wet-to-dry shift

Highly flexible, non-yellowing and UV resistant paint films

Dries with satin finish, water-resistant and pH neutral

Suitable for traditional Acrylic Painting on canvas or panel

Also for Experimental Acrylic Painting, Collage and Mixed Media, Acrylic Printmaking: Screen Printing, Mono Prints, Block Prints

Liquitex Heavy Body 59ml
Liquitex Heavy Body 59ml - Cadmium-free red/yellow/orange
Liquitex Heavy Body 59ml - Iridescent
Liquitex Heavy Body 138ml
Liquitex Heavy Body 138ml - Cadmium-free red/yellow/orange
Liquitex Heavy Body 946ml
Liquitex Heavy Body 946ml - Cadmium-free red/yellow/orange