Paper / Hahnemühle Cézanne

300 gsm - 100% rag - surface sized - matt, rough and hot pressed

This high quality, 100% cotton rag, mould-made watercolour board is natural white, acid free, lightfast and extremely resistant to ageing. The Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet.

This stable cylinder mould watercolour board with its fine grain and harmonious structure allows excellent colour flow. The surface sizing permits corrections to be made to the wet paper. The colours retain their brilliance.

Especially suitable for wet painting techniques: watercolour – especially glazing – lavis, gouache, tempera and acrylic.

Hahnemühle Cézanne - block 300g
100% cotton, Mould made
Hahnemühle Cézanne - sheets 300g
100% cotton, Mould made