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With over 450 years’ experience, Canson® have unique expertise and know-how. Their goal is to offer all artists high-quality products which inspire them and give them confidence.

Canson® was founded in 1557 by the Montgolfier family. Its development and destiny are intertwined with the history of France and the history of Art. Rooted in tradition, Canson® respects this heritage and its duty to always provide consumers with outstanding paper.

Innovation is in the genes of the company. The Montgolfier brothers invented the first hot-air balloon in 1782. But first and foremost, they were paper manufacturers. Over the centuries, the company created numerous manufacturing processes such as the Hollander beater to tear up rag, pulp dying to obtain uniform coloured paper, etc.

Canson 180° Art Book
Notebook with rounded corners and magnetic closing system
Canson Inspiration Art Book
Stiched notebooks with rounded corners
Canson Universal Art Book
Voluminous notebook with elastic band closing system