Pens / Caran dAche Pastel Pencils

Extra-fine dry pastels developed in close collaboration with master pastel artists.

The widest palette of shades available identically in two complementary mediums: pencil and cube.
Assortments of pencils, cubes and mixed meet the most demanding standards.

84 colours available in sets of pastel pencils, themed sets
(two mediums: cube and pencil), in a selection of 6
shades of cubes and individual pencils.

Generous shading, high pigment concentration for rich
and vibrant colours, powerful coverage.

Pure colours, ultra-fine pigments.

Exceptional lightfastness, conforming to standard Blue
Wool Scale.


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Caran dAche Pastel Pencils - set
Caran dAche Pastel Pencils
Caran dAche Pastel Pencils + Cubes - set
Caran dAche Pastel cubes