Acrylic / Ara Artists Acrylics

Ara is an acrylics of professional quality. It was created at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam - made by artists, for artists. Ara is manufactured nowadays by Old Holland and all pigments used in Ara come from the paint factory of Old Holland Classic Colours.

Colour Chart

68 opaque, semi-opaque and transparent standard colours

29 special colours: metallics, pearl, neon & Carborundum

All are produced environmentally conscious

Only pure lightfast pigments

All colours rated 7-8 on the Blue Wool Scale in full tone

A meticulously controlled manufacturing

100% pure non-yellowing acrylic emulsion

Possible to work quickly, because of the short drying time

Versatile in use, paint as easily on canvas as for murals

The bottle is easy in hand and good squeezable

There are also various auxiliary products, such as gesso, acrylic binders, varnishes and mediums

Ara Artists Acrylics - set
Ara Artists Acrylics - 250ml
Ara Artists Acrylics - 250ml classic metals
Ara Artists Acrylics - 250ml metallic colours
Ara Artists Acrylics - 250ml pearl
Opalescent colours
Ara Artists Acrylics - 250ml graphite & carborundum
Grey special colours
Ara Artists Acrylics - 500ml whites