Paper / Canson 1557

This bright white paper was designed to accentuate contrast and allows colours ta "POP". The 1557® name pays homage to the year that the Montgolfier family founded Canson®. This great classic is favoured among both professional and amateur artist who appreciate its light grain.

Canson® 1557® paper is ideal for use with all kinds of graphite for it retains pigments well and allows for unlimited shading and gradation. Canson® 1557® is made with mass and surface sizing giving il a remarkably resistant quality that is resistant to repeated erasing.

Canson 1557 is a light grain, extra white acid-free paper

Suitable for studies, sketches and drawing

100% alpha-cellulose, containing no wood fibre

Stock and surface-sized it withstands repeated erasing

It stands out for its pure white colour

Ideal for: pencil, pastel, charcoal and marker

Also suitable for: watercolour, gouache, ink and pen

Canson 1557 Croquis - sketch pad 120g, spiral
Canson 1557 Dessin - drawing pad 180g, spiral
Canson 1557 Dessin - drawing pad 180g, glued
Canson 1557 Dessin JA - sheets