Paper / Canson XL

The XL range is specifically developed to meet the needs of art students and others who use large quantities of paper. The XL range features tough pads at a competitive price.

For over 450 years, Canson has been inspiring artists worldwide, as asserted by the brand’s baseline "Inspirational Papers since 1557".
The greatest museums are its most prestigious showcase.
Canson, the world leader in fine art paper, makes papers for drawing, pastel, watercolour, oil painting, acrylic, graphic arts, printmaking, digital art & photography, etc.
While its reputation was built through prestigious signatures like Degas, Ingres, Picasso as well and Matisse and Warhol, Canson® has always had a strong attachment to all those – whether young or old – who wish to learn to draw.

Canson XL Sketch 90g
Sketch pad
Canson XL Sketch 90g spiral long side
Sketch pad
Canson XL Extra White Sketch 90g
Extra white sketch paper
Canson XL Marker 70g
Marker pad
Canson XL Kraft 90g
Unbleached sketch paper
Canson XL Black Drawing 150g
Black drawing paper
Canson XL Drawing 160g
Drawing pad
Canson XL Dry Mixed Media 160g Sand Grain
Canson XL Bristol 180g
Drawing paper pad with extra smooth paper
Canson XL Oil & Acrylic 290g
Canson XL Watercolour 300g
Water colour pad
Canson XL Mixed Media 300g Textured
Textured medium grain paper