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83 pure colours, an infinite number of sharp and clear mixes
Maimeri Puro is made entirely from just one pigment in the maximum possible concentration. From which mixes can be made which are impeccable with sharp and brilliant hues and clean undertones. Colours born to be harmoniously mixed to create shades with an incredible chromatic balance and extraordinary brightness. Impeccable and intense changes in shade are the result of the purity of the materials which live and breathe in a tube of this oil paint.

Purity and lightfastness, concentration and care in the preparation
83 colours formulated with a single pigment to maintain purity and stability. All the pigments used have a maximum lightfastness rating in compliance with the US ASTM 4303 standard for oil paints. All the colours are produced with safflower and poppy seed oils, do not yellow over time and ensure maximum chromatic yield and brilliance. Organic pigments at 20% concentration. Inorganic pigments at 80% concentration. Particle size of all colours: 5 micron

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