Brushes / Winsor&Newton Galeria

Akryl- och oljefärgspensel med unik mix av polyesterfilament utvecklad av Winsor&Newton.

Galeria brushes are a range which has been specifically developed for use with acrylic colour. The versatility of acrylic colour places heavy demands on the brush you use. Although designed to be stronger and more resilient than hog hair bristle, the Galeria brush series provides flexibility and sensitivity for different applications. They are also suitable for use with oil and alkyd colours. The unique mix of polyester filaments provide perfect control and responsiveness, rinse out easily and offers excellent spring for years.

Galeria 5730 - Round-L, long handle
Rund långt skaft
Galeria 5731 - Short Flat/Bright, long handle
Kort flat, långt skaft
Galeria 5732 - Filbert, long handle
Filbert långt skaft
Galeria 5733 - One Stroke/Wash, short handle
Flat bred, kort skaft
Galeria 5734 - Round-S, short handle
Rund kort skaft