Brushes / Escoda various series

Penslar av absolut toppkvalitet.

The Escoda family have been brush makers for 70 years. Escoda produces brushes regardless of the time it takes to do so or the cost of the materials used. They know that this artists tool must respond to perfection. Escoda are the first brush makers in Europe to have received the prestigious recognition of Quality Certificate UNE EN-ISO 9001/00 . This is a hard earned award as the brushes are individually made by hand, in order to achieve an excellent end-product much appreciated by professionals who consider them to be among the best brushes in the world.

Escoda Ultimo Evolution series 1933
Escoda Optimo series 1215 (Kolinsky) - round travelbrush
Escoda Rustico series 1927 (mongoose)
Escoda miscellaneous
Various mixed brushes in other series
Escoda Gilding Brush series 6733
Escoda travel brush set
Escoda Special Edition Set