Brushes / daVinci Cosmotop Mix

Water colour brushes made of a composition of classical natural hairs combined with synthetic fibre. These brushes are an affordable alternative to red sable brushes. They are made from a mixture of classic natural hairs such as sable, squirrel and black sable together with smooth synthetic fibres. Their capacity for absorbing paint and elasticy is of the highest quality. Cosmotop Mix-B is one of daVinci’s bestsellers.

Water colour brushes

Cosmotop mix: sable, squirrel & synthetic fibres

Inexpensive alternative to red sable brushes

Esagonal handle, short blue transparent lacquered


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daVinci Cosmotop Mix B - 5530 Round
Akvarellpensel, blandning mård/ekorre/syntet, kort skaft
daVinci Cosmotop Mix B - 5830 flat
Akvarellpensel, blandning mård/ekorre/syntet, kort skaft