Brushes / Winsor&Newton Cotman

Syntetisk akvarellpensel från Winsor & Newton.

The Cotman brush range was the first complete range of synthetic brushes to be developed by Winsor & Newton. The secret of Cotman lies in the special blend of synthetic filaments of differing thickness. Recent improvements in this process have enabled us to improve on spring, colour carrying capacity and point.

Cotman 111 - Round
Round with short handle
Cotman 222 - Round, Designers
Cotman 333 - Round, Rigger
Cotman 999 - Wash Brush
Cotman 666 - Flat, One Stroke
Flat kort skaft
Cotman 777 - One Stroke / Wash
Flat transparent skaft
Cotman 667 - Angle
Vinklad kort skaft
Cotman 668 - Filbert
With short handle
Cotman 999 - Mop
Rundad kort skaft
Cotman 555 - Flat, Long handle
Flat långt skaft
Cotman 888 - Long handled Fan
Solfjäder långt skaft