Pigments / Schmincke Pigments

Schmincke offers artists an excellent range of selected, highly lightfast premium artists’ pigments that are very suitable for producing their own colours or refining existing colours. This allows colours to be changed individually by adding pigment powder or metallic effects to be created with our various bronzes. Schmincke pigments are also perfect for mixed-media work.

Schmincke Premium artists’ pigments bear the seal “100% Pigment”. They contain 100% pure, unblended artists’ pigment. 100% Pigment is a guarantee of the highest possible brilliance, colour intensity and coverage.

Schmincke Pigment Binders, Ready-to-use - 200ml
Schmincke Pigments - 100ml
Schmincke Pigments Extra ordinary colours - 50ml
Schmincke Pigments, Iriodin - 50ml