Paper / Lana

Fine Art papper och block tillverkat i Frankrike vid Lana Manufacture de Papiers anrika fabrik med anor sedan 1590. Tillverkas idag med modern teknologi som ger bra prestanda jmf prisnivå.

In 1590, Demenge Harlachol built a paper mill in a place called Lana in the Vosges region. He became Lanas first master papermaker. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Lanas master papermakers established their reputation through their mastery of watermarking, authentic rag papers, and through manufacturing special types of papers on request.

Lana Acrylique 360g - block
Lana Dessin 220g - sketching pads
Lana Bristol 250g - sketching pads
Lana Esquisse 96g - skissblock
Lana Aquarelle grain fin 300g - akvarell block limmade
Lana LanaVanguard 200g - block mixed media
100% polypropylene
Lana LanaVanguard 200g - sheets, mixed media
100% polypropylen
Lana Calligraphie 250g - kalligrafiblock