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Golden QoR - mediums  
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Golden QoR - mediums

The concept of QoR Watercolors does not end with colors. Like every product that comes from GOLDEN, the idea of equipping artists to realize their creative vision inspires our products. QoR Mediums help extend and enhance the creative range and control of watercolors, whether the objective is modulating colors through lifting with Lift Aid™, extending colors to their most distant point with Watercolor Medium, or unleashing the flow of colors with Synthetic Ox Gall.


Artiklar   Lager Pris st.    
Golden QoR nr 1500 Watercolor medium - 59 ml    126 kr
Golden QoR nr 1000 Syntethic Ox Gall - 59ml    132 kr
Golden QoR nr 1550 Lift Aid medium - 118 ml    153 kr

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