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Golden Gel with Aggregates

Clear Granular Gel is made with granular acrylic solids and has excellent clarity and du­ra­bil­i­ty with a coarse texture that dries translucent.

Glass Bead Gel made with genuine glass beads, offers a unique effect similar to condensation on glass - best seen in thin films over a light color to allow the glass beads to be illuminated.

Pumice Gels textures dry to hard films. They mix well with GOLDEN Acrylic Colors. Fine Pumice Gel is useful as a drawing ground.


Artiklar   Lager Pris st.    
Golden Gel 3200 Coarse Pumice Gel - 236ml    162 kr
Golden Gel 3205 Extra Coarse Pumice Gel - 236ml    162 kr
Golden Gel 3215 Clear Granular Gel - 236ml    170 kr
Golden Gel 3236 Glass Bead Gel - 236ml    170 kr
Golden Gel 3330 Clear Tar Gel - 236ml    170 kr

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