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Molotow Dripstick DS-XS, DS-S & DS-M  
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Molotow Dripstick Applicators

The MOLOTOW™ High-Flow applicators are best adapted for all requirements of the MOLOTOW™ DRIPSTICKS. Durability and perfect paint application to name a few. The spring-loaded MOLOTOW™ rollerball applicator is highly solid, controllable and for mostly all surfaces. Even concrete, stone and wood are no problems!

The spring-loaded 3 mm rollerball applicator is perfectly suitable for nearly all surfaces – concrete, stone and wood, too! For thin paints use a standard applicator, for highly viscous paints always use a Highflow applicator. That guarantees a perfect paint flow.

Info sheet Dripstick (1.3 MB)

Artiklar   Lager Pris st.    
Molotow Dripstick applicator 3mm Rollerball 2st.    42 kr
Molotow Dripstick applicator 25mm Long hair 2st.    45 kr
Molotow Dripstick applicator 10mm High-flow 2st.    35 kr
Molotow Dripstick applicator 25mm High-flow 2st.    45 kr

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