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Molotow Dripstick DS-XS, DS-S & DS-M
Extra soft marker body

The extra "soft" marker body of the DS-XS, DS-S & DS-M MOLOTOW™ DRIPSTICKS will produce the fattest drips that you can imagine, even when a minimum amount of pressure is applied. Constructed in a perfect way giving the DRIPSTICKS™ Tips a maximum hold, no matter how hard you squeeze. Due to technical reasons, refilling can only be done by removing the tip.

· unique empty (squeeze) bottle system
· for universal large area applications and unique drip effects
· compatible with nearly all fluid paints and inks (also suitable for viscous paints)
· works on rough surfaces
· refillable, applicators can be upgraded separately

Info sheet Dripstick (1.3 MB)

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Molotow Dripstick Empty DS-XS 3mm    35 kr
Molotow Dripstick Empty 50ml DS-M 18mm    36 kr

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