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Grundering för pastell

A lightfast, slightly rough, very absorbent primer which allows wiping, rubbing and mixing of different colour layers without problems. May be applied on various fat-free materials like wood, metal, canvas, paper ( > 300g/qm ). Pre-tests on difficult undergrounds are recommended. Absorbent undergrounds should be pre-traeted with Schmincke primer 50 500. Colouring possible with Schmincke acrylic colours. Application: ready for use if you work with a roll, for the work with a brush dilute with 10-20 % water. Apply 2 to 3 layers. Dries waterproof, may be painted over with watercolours, gouache or acrylique colours. Ideal for mixing techniques. Fixing: Pastel fixative 50 402 or Fixativ Universal 50 405. Store frost-free.

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Schmincke, pastel primer - 500ml    265 kr

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