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Derwent Graphic - set

Sexkantiga grafitpennor, diameter 7 mm, längd 180 mm. 17 olika hårdheter. Finns även i plåtaskar med 12 pennor från 4H till 9B. H=hård, B=mjuk.

This is where good drawing starts. Whatever your drawing style or media preference, you will need some traditional, high quality graphite pencils. This high quality pencil is produced in a fantastic choice of 20 degrees, from a crisp, non-scratchy 9H to a soft, smudgy 9B. The hexagonal barrel is easy to hold and the pencil sharpens to a good point to cover all your drawing and sketching needs. All the degrees are available individually or in specially selected sets.


Artiklar   Lager Pris st.    
Derwent Graphic, blyertspennor 12-set - Hard    131 kr
Derwent Graphic, blyertspennor 12-set - Medium    131 kr
Derwent Graphic, blyertspennor 12-set - Soft    131 kr

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