Penslar / Isabey Isacryl

Syntetpenslar Isacryl av artistkvalitet för Olja och Akryl med fibrer av högsta kvalitet med spänst och hållbarhet. Nickelhylsa.

Every Isabey brush is completely made by hand from start to finish, and completely hand dressed including the washing, sorting and shaving of the hair. In order to preserve the natural qualities and characteristics of the hair, all Isabey brushes are shaped exclusively during the mounting of the hair, without further cutting or re-shaping of its tip.


Isabey Isacryl syntet serie 6512 - rund, långt skaft

Isabey Isacryl syntet serie 6562 - flat, långt skaft

Isabey Isacryl syntet serie 6572 - filbert, långt skaft