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Arches Velin BFK Rives - ark 56x76cm  
Canson 180° Art Book  
Canson Inspiration Art Book  
Canson Universal Art Book  
Hahnemuhle Watercolour Book  
Arches Platine - ark 56 x 76cm  
Saunders Millford (Whatman) - akvarellpapper 300g  
Canson Satin tracing paper - transparent ritpapper  
Fabriano akvarellbok  
Fabriano Schizzi - skissblock  
Hahnemuhle, Sumi-e - block 80g tuschpapper  
D-R Canford Black Pad - multimediablock, 150g  
Derwent Black Book - skissböcker  

D-R Canford Black Pad - multimediablock, 150g
Svart papper i block om 30 ark för collage, pastell m.m.

Block med Black Canford Paper. Svart, genomfärgat. 150 g. 30 ark. Syrafritt Canford papper.

Canford Coloured Paper and Card are high quality paper and stiff card in a wide range of brilliant matt colours, perfect for presentation and display in every setting - from the professional design studio to the school art room. It is also an exciting and versatile medium in its own right for paper sculpture and modelling, decorative arts, collage and craft. Easy to cut, curve, crease and emboss to create three-dimensional works of art.

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D-R Canford Black Pad, 150g, svart, 30 ark - A4    113 kr
D-R Canford Black Pad, 150g, svart, 30 ark - A3    172 kr

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