Ritkol / Daler-Rowney

Daler-Rowney Willow Charcoal: Naturligt formade ritkolsstickor av hgsta artistkvalitet.

Fin 3-4mm , 15st/ask
Medium 5-6mm , 25st/ask
Grov 7-9mm , 5st/ask
Extra grov (Chunky stick) ca 15mm , 1st/ask

Renowned as the worlds finest willow charcoal, tried and trusted traditions are combined with innovative production techniques and environmental concerns. Their smooth mark, deep black hue and uniform texture create an indispensable drawing tool for fine artists.

Daler-Rowney SIMPLY Willow Charcoal: Blandade ritkol av studiekvalitet 2-5mm , 12st/ask


Daler-Rowney Charcoal - Fin 3-4mm

Daler-Rowney Charcoal - Medium 5-6mm

Daler-Rowney Charcoal - Grov 7-9mm

Daler-Rowney Charcoal - Extra grov 15mm

Daler-Rowney Simply Charcoal - Blandade 2-5mm